10 Tips for Events

Social golf events at Castlemaine Golf Club

The Castlemaine Golf Club welcomes social groups, clubs and businesses who would like to host their own golf event – fund raising, corporate events, or social days. These ten tips can help you to run a successful event at the Castlemaine Golf Club …

  1. Book the course well in advance. Do you want to use the club rooms, the kitchen, the bar, the bbq?
  2. Decide what sort of golf activity you would like to run and the maximum numbers you can enter. What golf game will you play? How will you accommodate people without a golf handicap? Do you want to include the longest drive, the nearest pin, the straightest drive? Who will be the golf coordinator?
  3. Decide how players will register. Make sure that you ask for name, contact details, handicap (if any). Do you need a registration form? Will you use email? What is the final date for registrations? How will entries be paid – cash?
  4. Develop a promotion plan. Will you need a poster/letter of invitation/email invitation/newsletter article/media advertisement/website alert etc?
  5. Identify what information potential players need to have. What is the date of the event? How much does it cost to enter? What is registration time on the day? What do players need to bring with them? What is the dress code? What food and drink will be available? Will there by fundraising activities such as a raffle? What if you don’t have a handicap? What sort of game is to be played? What will happen if the weather is inclement?
  6. Develop a Sponsorship Plan, if sponsors are to be involved. What sort of sponsorships do you need – goods, services, prizes? How will sponsors be acknowledged – signs, on promotional material, during presentations?
  7. Develop a food and beverage plan. Will food (eg a sausage sizzle) be available prior to hit-off? Will food (eg afternoon tea) be provided after the event? Do you want the bar to be open before and after the event? Have you booked the bar? Is there a cost for refreshments or are they included in the entry?
  8. Develop a staffing/volunteer plan. Who will be responsibsle for starting the field and doing the scoring? What jobs need to be done before the event? Clearly identify what each job involves so that helpers know exactly what they have to do and when they have to do it.
  9. Identify any equipment needed. Do you need access to the loud speaker system? Where will you set up the registration table? Will anyone need clubs, a buggy, or a cart – all are available for hire through the Club. Do you need the whiteboard to list results?
  10. On the day. Arrive early. Check that staff/volunteers are present and clear about their tasks. Make sure that the following are set up: the competitions for the day such as the longest drive, the registration desk, the raffle, signage acknowledgment for sponsors, scorer’s desk, results board, prizes, raffle, refreshment area(s).