Our Sand Shovels

You know the feeling. Your sand bucket is empty and you need a re-fill. You reach for the sand shovel and find that it’s not there, shoddy, leaks sand, or is otherwise sub-s(t)andard.

Not at Castlemaine Golf Club!

Our sand-shovels are hand-made by robots in CGC’s secret, underground, high-tech laboratory in Muckleford. Cut with diamond-tipped saws and using the highest-grade, pure white polycarbonate downpipe, they are sealed with an end-cap and finished with gold or silver alloy ergonomic handles purchased from club sponsor – Mt.Alexander Timber and Hardware. These shovels not only look stylish, but their world-wide patent-protected design means they are built to last.

Come and experience the greatest sand-shovels in the Central Goldfields at Castlemaine Golf Club. We challenge you to be vaguely interested in finding better, anywhere in the world.

Quotes from mildly satisfied users:

“Before, I always dreaded filling up my sand-bucket. Spillage, awkward angles and my sore wrist made it a nightmare. But now, it’s a breeze!” – Geoff, Strangways.

Prior to experiencing these hand-crafted beauties, I would have said all sand-shovels were the same – not anymore! This is truly a revolution in sand-shovel technology.” – Martin, Castlemaine.

“These shovels keep me coming back for more.” – Bev, Campbell’s Creek.

“Just like a good umpire, I haven’t even noticed them, to be honest. They make absolutely no difference to me at all.” – Anonymous, Maldon.