Becoming a member of a small golf club can be a little strange – especially if you are new to the area, learning the game or don’t know anyone else at the club. Unless, you have been introduced by a friend, it can all be a bit daunting.

We are run by volunteers, so often there’s no-one at the club to be able to just ask questions like: When can I play? Who can I play with? How do I play competition? How do I put a card in? What even is a card?

If you are new to the club or area, would like a bit of an introduction to ‘how it works’, or maybe you’d like to have a social hit of 9 or 18 holes with an existing member to get aquainted – please feel free to contact Jason Cordy, our membership officer on 0407 705 432 or by email using [email protected].

Alternatively, you can or text our website and comms manager Jason Thompson on 0457 502 134 and we’ll help get you sorted.

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