Reciprocal clubs

Reciprocal clubs

Currently our reciprocal clubs are predominately in Victoria, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. If you are intending to visit one of our reciprocal clubs, please contact the club before you want to play – let them know that you are from Castlemaine Golf Club, clarify the reciprocal arrangements and ensure that you get to tee off.

Financial members of reciprocal clubs are encouraged to play in Castlemaine Golf Club competitions, but they are not eligible to win any Gold Letter Events eg. Club Championships or Monthly Medals. The cost is half of the green fees plus the competition fee. Fees may be waivered from time to time at the discretion of the Match Committee.

Our reciprocal clubs are:
Bairnsdale Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0351 566 253. Competition fees.
Barham & District Services’ Memorial Club Ltd (NSW) T: 0354 532 159. Green fees plus competition fees.
Borneo Barracks Golf Club Inc. (Queensland) T: 0746 966 396. Competition fees
Bright Country Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0357 552 773. 50% Green fees
Clifton Springs Golf Club Inc. (Vic)  T: 035251 3391. Membership card, half price green fee plus competition fees.
Corowa Golf Club Ltd (NSW) T: 0260 331 466. 50% Green fees plus competition fees
Cowes Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0359 522 141. Competition fees
Kailla Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0358 271 390. Competition fees
Korumburra Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0356 551 886. Competition fees
Medway Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0393 179 031. 50% Green fees, competition fees
Mooroopna Golf Course Inc. (Vic) T: 0358 252 834. Competition fees
Mount Beauty Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0357 541 954. Competition fees, Social play: 50% of green fees. Some restrictions apply.
Mount Xavier Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0353 313 691. Competition fees
Murray Downs Golf & Country Club Ltd. (NSW) T: 0350 331 422. $13.50 green fee plus competition fee.
Palmerston Golf and Country Club Ltd. (NT) T: 0889 321 324. Competition fees.
Queenscliffe Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T. 0352 581 951. Competition fees.
Riverside Golf Club Inc. Mildura (Vic) T: 0350 234 255. $5.00 green fee for social golf.
Warracknabeal Golf Club Inc. (Vic) T: 0353 982 035. Competition fee.

Note: During peak holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter, full fees may be applicable.

Members of reciprocal clubs visiting the Castlemaine Golf Club have some specific advantages.

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