Course map

Individual hole details – With images courtesy of Golfpad, the free, phone-based golf rangefinder app

Hole #1 is a gentle dog-leg left par 5 with a slight incline. Watch for out of bounds on the left. Long hitters might just reach the green in 2 shots.

Hole #2 is a short par 4 with a slight right-hand bend. A shaggy mound in front of the green makes it a little harder to negotiate than you might think. Officially the lowest index (easiest) hole on the course, though.

Hole #3 is a long, straight par 4. Long hitters might make it in 2 shots. It’s the 3rd toughest hole on the course. Try not to get stuck in the trees on the right.

Hole #4 is a 200m par 3. You’re doing well to land it on the green, which slopes from right to left.

Hole #5 is a tricky 245m par 4. To take on the green, you also have to take on the dam and the trees. Good luck!

Hole #6 is a right-handed par 4 with out of bounds paddocks on your left and trees to the right. Straight drives are required to avoid the tree jutting out into the middle of the fairway.

Hole #7 is a short-ish par 3 with a large elevated green. Out of bounds on your left.

Hole #8 is a long par 5 with a slight curve to the left after the tee-box. Heavily treed on the left and out of bounds. Additional challenge of swooping magpies in October.

Hole #9 is a par 4, over the hill and down back toward the clubhouse with another slight curve to the left. Left is out of bounds.

Hole #10 is a medium length par 4, straight in front of the clubrooms. The hole curves around to the right and is also heavily treed on the right-hand side. Long hitters may run out of room on the left.

Hole 11 is a slightly shorter par 4, again with (a lot of) trouble on the right and an overhanging tree in the middle of the fairway. Try to stay left and don’t get stuck behind the big pine tree on the corner.

Hole #12 is a very short par 3, over the creek to a back-to front-sloping green. The creek may be running, so steer clear. Again, overhanging trees make the line very narrow.

Hole #13 is a par 4, dog-leg right, hitting over the ducks and dam to an elevated green on top of the hill. Trees to the right and trouble to the left.

Hole #14 is a very long, very straight par 4 from an elevated tee. A good drive and a follow-up long-iron or 3-wood might see long-hitters make the green in 2. Out of bounds and water on the left. It’s ranked the hardest hole on the course.

Hole #15 takes you to the start of the ‘Golden Triangle’ where many balls and games have been lost, never to be seen again. First up is a narrow, right-handed par 4 with water and trees to the right.

Hole #16 is a long dog-leg par 5 with trouble on the right, a creek to hit over at about the 300m range, followed by another elevated green. Out of bounds on the right and not much room to play with over the back.

Hole #17 looks easy enough until you try to play it. This very tough par 4 is ranked 5th hardest on the course with long grass and trees to the right, and more trees to the left. There is a very narrow path through the middle. The green slopes steeply from back to front, especially at the rear.

Hole #18 is the 3rd hardest hole on the course. It is a par 4 with a slight bend to the left. The trees on the right are a favourite landing spot – avoid them.