Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members

Olive Milford celebrated 100 years and 70 years as a member of Castlemaine Golf Club in September 2015. She passed away in July 2017.
Vale Max Gale, May 2015. Golfing legend.

Linton McLennan (deceased), Life Member since 2004, and Marj and Gordon Stevens, Life Members since the 1980s.

We welcomed Phillip Freeman and Gavin Lang as Honorary Life Members at our recent AGM in October 2016.

Moira McLennan was awarded Life
Membership in October 2019 for her
outstanding service to the club over
three decades.

  • Bob Bailie*
  • Bill Barker
  • Harry Barton*
  • Zilla Carr*
  • Cis Clough*
  • Norma Cooper*
  • Richard Dale*
  • W (Bill) Dennis*
  • Frank Edwards*
  • Allan Frederiksen*
  • Phillip Freeman
  • Max Gale*
  • Stewart Gibbs*
  • W (Bill) Goodear*
  • Marian McEwan*
  • Linton McLennan
  • Moira McLennan
  • Olive Milford*
  • P? Muirhead*
  • Shirley Mulsted
  • Gavin Lang
  • Max Rigg*
  • Gordon Stevens
  • Marj Stevens
  • Barry Stewart
  • W (Min) Todd*
  • Judy Watmuff*

* Deceased